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One sister - Teresa is based in Bradford on Avon, UK and the other sister- Jess is based in the Adelaide Hills, Australia.  

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How to order oils?
Visit our online  doTERRA store ( ) to join, come along to a free workshop or contact us for more info or if you'd like us to help you join.

You can customise which oils you'd like to order to suit your needs, in which case you pay the enrolment fee of $35  Talk with us for suggestions on which oils / products you'd like to combine for your particular needs. ( e.g. emotional / culinary / massage suggestions)


Order an enrolment kit and have the enrolment fee waived, this option gives you a variety of oils to start with and save money on each of the oils.

Here are the different kits in Australia.  

There are a variety of different kits available, which makes it an affordable and easy way to get your oil journey started.

Here are the most common ways people revamp their lifestyle with oils:

1.  Essential Collection Kit $174 (AUSTRALIA) 


2. Home Essentials Kit  AU$330 


3. Natural Solutions Kit AU$635 

**PLEASE NOTE THE NATURE'S SOLUTION KIT VARIES IN THE UK. Ask us for details on the exact contents of the UK kit.


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*Product of the month requires a monthly LRP  order of 125 PV to be processed by 15th of the month. 


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the Sourcing -  please look at

The Science

The testing of doTERRA oils