About Us

Two sisters passionate about heath and wellbeing.

One living in the UK, near Bath, Teresa has been on a nourishing journey recovering from chronic fatigue after nearly twenty years as a management consultant. She has been using diet, superfoods, essential oils, supplements and a variety of alternative therapies such as kinesiology to support her recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. Teresa set up the Nourish Body and Soul Facebook page three years ago to share things that inspire her and to share more details about her ongoing recovery journey.

The other sister, Jess lives in the Adelaide Hills and can be frequently found at the farmers market with her tribe of kids, picking up healthy fresh food and using her Thermomix to create healthy wholefood delights. She has recently opened up her Nourish kitchen and is offering healthy treats and savouries in the Adelaide Hills and surrounds. December 2017 has seen Jess starting her own stall at the Adelaide Hills Farmer's market. Home pick ups are also an option.  Jess also especially loves assisting people start and develop their Thermomix journey and is often doing live virtual classes that you can watch from the comfort of your own home!  

If you would like to start your Thermomix journey and live in Australia you can contact Jess to find out more or start your Thermomix journey today with our new BUY THERMOMIX TM6  NOW option!

Both sisters are using essential oils to support their family’s health and wellbeing, creating a natural medicine cabinet. They love to share and educate others about what they are learning along the way. If you would like to learn more you can join their Facebook group - Nourish with Oils which is dedicated to essential oils.